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For Sale: a Minimalist, Modernist Dwell Covergirl

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Speaking of listings previously seen in Dwell, here's one that we feel deserves a closer second look: a two-bedroom, two-bathroom, 2,200-square-foot Phoenix property that was featured in the December/January issue of the magazine. According to the story, penned by Jamie Gross, the guys who built Meadowbrook Residence (and who have been living in it) are two Berkeley grads—both lovers of, ahem, "minimalist architecture, rock climbing, and 'not talking'"—who went on to found Phoenix-based design firm Atherton Keener. Some details about their home, which is now asking $399K: it's essentially made of concrete and drywall; the layout consists of two bedrooms separated by a living room; to minimize the effect of the glaring Arizona sun, there are no exposures on the west-facing wall; and much of the cabinetry (in the bathroom, kitchen, closets, and hallways) was handmade out of marine-grade plywood and dyed black. Even the sinks and tubs were fashioned from that material and treated with marine-grade epoxy resin. "Our interest was in using standard things on a relatively unremarkable site and creating something that was more than the sum of its parts," Jay Atherton told Dwell, later adding, "Our friends know that this house lacks a certain amount of comfort, but everyone adapts to what it does have. When people come over to eat, we usually sit on the floor—we keep it really clean—or outside. We’ve all adapted to what it means to not have a dining table. We don’t have a couch. It can be a bit of a problem."

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