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On the Market: Some Absurdly Expensive English Properties

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Historically, the exchange rate between the British Pound and the U.S. Dollar has not been terribly favorable to the average American traveler, but the real estate prices are another story. Thanks to an influx of interest from hyper-wealthy Russian, Indian, and Middle Eastern buyers, the property market in the U.K. features prices that would knock the socks off even those accustomed to the Alpine, N.J. real estate scene. This four-bedroom flat is located in a revamped 19th-century London building known as The Landcasters and boasts coveted views of Hyde Park. Still, the 5,200-square-foot apartment costs a heady $25.2M.

? For something more substantial, try this imposing white house in the heart of London's Belgravia neighborhood. It's on the market for $23.6M and features grand entertaining spaces, six bedrooms, a roof terrace, security system, Cat 5 wiring, and at least one old-school luxury: a dumbwaiter.

? Next up is a pretty vanilla urban brick house, but there's nothing bland about the price tag: $15.3M. Located in the London nabe of St. John's Wood, the bowfront brick manse boasts a lush patch of grass, a parking pad, and plenty of light from the ample windows and skylights. The only trouble are the boring beige-on-white interiors. Looks like a multimillion-dollar renovation might be in order.

? Buyers can save some dough by searching for an attached residence, like this row house in Chelsea. Too bad it's not exactly cheap at almost $9M, especially considering it's a relatively narrow example with low ceilings on the first floor. There are highlights, however, like a basement steam room, a balcony, and four bedrooms with en-suite baths.

? Outside of London, things don't get much better on the value front, but at least the same amount of cash buys a huge, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe-style country mansion. The Lock House in Partridge Green was originally constructed around 1900, but has been refurbished and renovated several times over the years, most recently to add an uncommon—and unsettling—kitchen to what appears to have once served as a ballroom. Despite the odd mix of new and old, there's plenty to like about this place, with its ten bedrooms, ten baths, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, staff cottage, tennis court, and helicopter hanger. The 25-acre property is listed for $9.44M, a veritable steal under the circumstances.

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