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The Home of App Entrepreneur Mark Pincus Just Hit the Market

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Last week, we toured the technicolor majesty of app developer Zynga's San Francisco headquarters. Now, we're moving on to the home of the company's co-founder, Mark Pincus. Yesterday, our colleagues at Curbed SF marveled at the airborne marketing methods used by the broker, but that was before the owner's identity was revealed. It turns out Pincus's wife is One King's Lane co-founder Ali Pincus, so it's none too surprising that the high gloss interiors were done up by the sale site's CEO, Doug Mack. Okay, okay, enough with the name game. On to the house, a six-bedroom, 6.5-bath megamanse described in the brokerbabble as "the gold standard of homes." This luxury benchmark, listed for $8.9M, features a precisely manicured garden, those flashy interiors, and, undoubtedly, some tech wizardry.
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