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Of Course Lord British's House Would Include a Waterslide

Video game nerdster Richard Garriott has listed his Austin, Texas, home for $4.1M, and it's got some serious bells and whistles: a waterfall, a 360-degree observatory, a wine cellar, secret passages, and a waterslide that runs from the indoor pool to the outdoor one. Garriott built the 5,900-square-foot Britannia Manor II in the mid-'80s to mimic the castle of the indestructible adventurer Lord British, his personification in his most famous computer game, Ultima. Some fun facts, although we doubt these things are included in the ask: the three-bedroom, four-bathroom house contains a 16th-century vampire-hunting kit and a brick from the Great Wall of China. (Thanks, Wikipedia!) Want more? Watch the MTV Cribs coverage from 2007.

· Ultima Creator's House For Sale For a Cool $4 Mil [Kotaku via]
· 8207 Two Coves Drive, Austin []