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HBO to Make a Series of Michael Gross' Unreal Estate

Oh, hell yes: Deadline Hollywood has just reported that Unreal Estate, the new juicy tome from 740 Park author, real estate journo, and general life enthusiast Michael Gross, will be turned into an HBO series. The Matrix producer Joel Silver is in talks with the network to executive produce it; at the moment they're looking for writers. As a refresher to our previous coverage, here's what the book's about:
"In Unreal Estate, Gross explores the history of sixteen estates in Los Angeles’ most exclusive enclaves — Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Holmby Hills, and Beverly Park — as well as juicy details from the lives of their famous owners. The cast of characters features a slew of Hollywood stars who have passed through the houses over the years, including Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Marilyn Monroe, George Hamilton, Harold Lloyd, Jayne Mansfield, Tony Curtis, Sonny and Cher, as well as decadent Spanish land-grant families, desperado oilmen and railroad titans, corporate moguls, con men, porn magnates and tabloid fixtures. The potential series is envisioned as a drama with soapy and comedic elements." Decadente Spanish land-grant families! Desperado oilmen! Porn magnates! And we thought HBO had good programming before.

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