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Former Archi-Editor to Build Totally Awesome Vertical Forest

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Architect and former Domus editor Stefano Boeri is on track to build the first vertical forest on the planet: the 27-story Bosco Verticale that's set to rise in the heart of Milan. According to the project statement, the greenery—a total of 900 trees, as well as shrubs and flowers—planted on the balcony of each apartment will function as a microclimate, of sorts, serving as an oxygenator, filtering out pollutants from the city, naturally controlling heating/cooling, feeding off the skyscraper's wastewater, and more. Inhabitat wisely notes: "if the units were to be constructed unstacked as stand-alone units across a single surface, the project would require 50,000 square meters of land, and 10,000 square meters of woodland." Finding green space in the middle of the city never looked so freakin' fantastico.

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