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Here's a Step-by-Step Guide to Ghost-Proofing Your House

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The infographic geniuses over at Credit Sesame are at it again, this time with a Halloween-themed guide about ghost-proofing the home. "[I]n many cultures around the world," they write, "ghostly superstitions are taken seriously enough to actually affect the way homes are built and maintained." In the Philippines, for example, the superstitious build an exit below basement level—it's believed the ghosts hang out in basements and therefore need a escape route other than, say, the house above. Also in the Philippines, it's bad news bears to have one's number of stairs divisible by three. Click through for a full dose of ghoulish lore.

last_superstitions-from-around-the-world-to-keep-evil-spirits-at-bay.jpgInfographic by Credit Sesame. Click to expand!

· Ghost-Proof Your House: 11 Ways the Superstitious Keep the Evil Spirits at Bay [Credit Sesame via Design Crave]