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Marilyn Monroe, Laurence Olivier, and Reagan Hung Out Here

Over on Zillow Blog, they're taking a look at storied homes with very famous past residents and houseguests. One in particular piqued our interest: Pretty Penny, a Nyack, N.Y., estate that famed actress Helen Hayes purchased in 1930 and hosted many a soiree therein. Among the passersby: Marilyn Monroe, Cole Porter, Laurence Olivier, and Ronald Reagan. (The listing also mentions that it "was painted by Edward Hopper," although we can't imagine Hopper's responsible for the whole place.) Eventually, it was bought by talkshow host Rosie O'Donnell. All bold-faced names aside, the six-bedroom 7,000-square-foot manse, built in 1858, offers six fireplaces and $4M worth of renovated interiors. Not bad, considering the current ask is $4.6M.

· Who Slept Here? Tracking Washington, Roosevelt, JFK, Judy Garland, and The Babe, to Name a Few [Zillow Blog]
· 235 N Broadway, Nyack NY [Zillow]