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Five English Residences Suitable Only for the Billionaire Jet Set

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Last week, when we went looking for some super-expensive listings across the pond in England, one commenter reminded us that even a $25M four-bedroom apartment doesn't really qualify as "absurdly expensive" by British standards. So, aided by some suggestions, here's a look at some truly over-the-top listings in London and beyond. No such list would be complete without a mention of One Hyde Park, the Candy & Candy development situated on the edge of Hyde Park and catty–corner from the famed Harrod's Department store. Though prices in the ultra-luxe building are only available upon request, the penthouse sale last year hints at the glassy structure's high prices. Ukraine’s richest man, 45-year-old miner's son Rinat Akhmetov, spent an ungodly $222.8M on an unfinished 25,000-square-foot apartment, and reportedly plans to spend $98M outfitting his London pied-a-terre. The photos above are of another fancy flat for sale in the building, multimillion-dollar price tag available only to the 0.0000001 percent.

? Though it's probably referred to as the "poor man's One Hyde Park" in billionaire circles, Wellington Court, which fronts on the same patch of London greenery, still boasts some eye-popping prices. This six-bedroom penthouse, designed in a slick modern style that belies the traditional brick exterior, is currently listed for around $56M. A pittance compared to Mr. Akhmetov's decorating budget, but a downright profane price tag by most any other measure.

? Deep-pocketed buyers looking to keep their well-heeled shoes on solid ground would do well to check out this ornate doublewide—no, not the mobile home variety. Listed for $64M, the 8,800-square-foot main house is joined by two mews residences in the listing and includes interiors designed by the late, great French designer Stéphane Boudin. That's all well and good for the society set—after all, Boudin aided in Jackie Kennedy's White House renovations in the 1960s—but those looking for a contemporary look will be disappointed: Boudin passed away in 1967.

? Suggestions from our eagle-eyed commenter included this photogenic townhouse in St. Johns Wood. The $56M house was recently completed and boasts interiors by high-end Brit designer Bill Bennette. Seven bedrooms, 11 baths, and a "full leisure complex", including pool, steam room, massage room, media room, and bar, round out the offering.

? Buyers in St. Johns Wood must have similar taste in neon-lit swimming pools, because, just like the last place, this $58M white whale of a townhouse includes a garish purple-hued example in the basement. Still, we can't help but like a multimillion-dollar listing that cites proximity to a deli as a selling point.

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