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Introducing Renters Week 2011: Curbed Might Pay Your Rent!

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Starting exactly seven days from now: Curbed's first-ever Renters Week, wherein we shift the focus from buying to renting, and everything involved therein (in no particular order): leases, landlords, vacation homes, Craigslist, international rental properties, outrageously expensive rental properties, Airbnb, and oh, so much more. Expect the good, the bad, the large, the small, the beautiful, and, of course, the hideous, all rounded up one great renting-obsessed rodeo.

What are we forgetting? Oh, right: Curbed might pay your rent for a month.
Right this second, all Curbed city sites are imploring readers to send along their Renters Horror Stories: tales of illegal leases, impossible landlords, Craigslist crazies, awful apartments, and so on. Denizens of one of the below markets, click:

New York · Hamptons · Washington DC · Atlanta · Chicago · Detroit · Los Angeles · San Francisco · Seattle

And so as not to exclude anyone, if you happen to live in a town/city not currently represented by Curbed, send your horror stories to us here at Curbed National:

Here's what's gonna happen: We, as well as all the individual city sites, will collect the entries and put the best and the brightest up to a vote next Thursday (Nov. 10). The winners from that round will all face off in a massive contest hosted here on Curbed National next Friday; polls will stay open through the weekend. Then—and here's the big thing—the national winner will claim one glorious month of gloriously free rent funded entirely (and jovially) by Curbed. (Up to $2,500, people. It shouldn't be our problem that some of you—ahem, NYC—choose to pay $10K a month in rent.)

Our tipline's officially open, so go ahead and send your ghoulish tales immediately. Then sit back and start dreaming of better days ahead.

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