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Here Now, Five Listings Previously Seen in Dwell

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Last Friday we scoped out five listings that had previously been printed in Architectural Digest, but those in search of a sleek and modern look might have been left begging for more. For that, we turned to the "at home in the modern world" folks over at Dwell. This midcentury home in Sarasota, Fla. might have had just a couple pictures featured in the magazine, the July/August 2011 issue, but one of them, a shot of the swimming pool, might be enough to sell this $750K spread. The owners seem to think the publicity will do the house some good: they decided to bump the price up by $75K when the issue went to press. The four-bedroom, four-bath home features a floating staircase and a light-filled, two-story great room.

· Dwell was so taken with this Zen renovation that the editors decided to feature it in the March '05 issue before the project was even complete. Designed by architects—and owners—Beat Schenk and Chaewon Kim, this whitewashed expanded cottage is asking $500K. There are just two bedrooms, but we have to assume the buyers of this place are fans of minimalism.

? This next place, in the upstate New York town of Carmel, is a publicity double whammy, having been featured in Dwell and MTV Cribs. Well, at least that's what the brokerbabble is claiming. The house is convincing though, with walls of glass and a studied collection of furniture. The compound measures more than 30 acres and features a stunning infinity pool with views of Putnam County from this, its highest point. All these primo features add up to a hefty price tag: $4.5M.

? The Meadowbrook house in Phoenix, Ariz. is so sleek and minimalist that it was selected for the December/January '11 cover of Dwell. Tucked into an in-fill lot and surrounded by oleander bushes, the cubic house is built from simple materials—concrete blocks, plywood, and drywall—but manages to surpass its humble beginnings thanks to superb attention to detail. The best part is, this place isn't a multi-million dollar dream house, but a $400K two bedroom.

? Featured on the Austin AIA House Tour, this three-bedroom cube on Lake Austin frankly doesn't really seem worthy of the Dwell distinction, but apparently it's found its way onto the mag's glossy pages. Built with a steel frame in 2002, the place could use some new furniture, but the wood-paneled kitchen might be enough to wrangle a reasonable offer. So far things haven't gone so well for the house, which received an $85K price chop on September 1, bringing the price down to $810K.

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