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Arch Digest Publishes Ellen DeGeneres' Listed Compound

Speaking of listings kissed by the glossy pages of Architectural Digest, here's one with double relevance: the massive Beverly Hills compound owned by Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi has just officially hit the market, good timing considering the place is also featured in the November issue of Arch Digest. Yesterday the Redfin listing was discovered by our cousins over at Curbed LA, who noticed that the $49M price tag is significantly lower than the estimates that initially floated around in May. Nine beds, check! Eleven baths, absolutely! A 9,200-square-foot main house, sure! Some more interesting tidbits from the Arch Digest coverage: the house was designed by architects Buff & Hensman and later expanded by Will & Grace set designer Melinda Ritz; artwork includes a Warhol-Basquiat collab, as well as an Ed Ruscha; and that chandelier shown in the entrance hall above is by Serge Mouille. The story also mentions the couple's famed love of collecting real estate: "The first thing I did when I made money was buy a house," says Degeneres. "And then—” De Rossi interjects: “Another one. And another one and another one and another one...”

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