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Guy Creates Awesome Haunted House Out of 110K+ Legos

Today in genius building, an artist named Mike Doyle has created a series of three haunted houses using hundreds of thousands of Legos. About that spectacular creation above: Lego: Victorian on Mud Heap took Doyle 600 hours to build and consists of 110K to 130K unaltered, unpainted pieces and zero glue, wood, or any other "foreign" material. And about the process: "Many ask me how I go about planning and building these pieces," Doyle wrote on his blog. "Sadly, I tend to be a ‘messy’ planner, so I do not make any blueprints or basic construction drawings. Rather I just get to work." Amen, brother!

· Lego Victorian house decays into over 100,000 pieces [The Brothers Brick via Laughing Squid]
· Mike Doyle [official site]