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Ode to Steve Jobs: Apple's Presence in Oh-So-Stylish Interiors

It's not very often that we happen upon a photo in a shelter mag that features a computer. They're far too practical; too useful to displace the carefully curated stack of design tomes, that vase of brighter-than-usual flowers, or an impersonal curio picked up on the designers latest trip to Rome. Seriously, even desks are usually devoid of our near-constant electronic companions. But, when computers do pop up in glossies like House Beautiful, Elle Decor, and Dwell, they're invariably one of the sleek designs championed by the late, great Apple founder Steve Jobs. That's a testament to Jobs' focus on producing attractive products that wow stylish consumers. Now, they're found in everything from clean-lined modern homes to Baroque palaces to a minimalist tent platform in the Japanese wilderness. We've rounded up a selection of shelter mag shots to make this point and tip a much-deserved cowboy hat to Jobs' legacy. Do have a look above.