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Behold the Crazy Dining Table With a Bunch of Crap as a Leg

"There's so much waste, it makes me cringe," says Belgian-born artist Walter Raes in his artist's statement—no doubt with the sort of awesome accent that makes the sound of such words even cooler. "I want people to know how much effort goes into manufacturing everyday things." Thus explains "Missing," the curious (and aptly named) table above, which debuted at this year's London Design Festival in an installation modeled after a vintage room vignette. As our friends at Design Boom astutely point out, "Upon closer inspection, the traditional British suburban space delivers a sharp comment on waste, as each familiar object turns out to be a pile of inventively reassembled trash." Ah, art.

· Walter Raes at London Design Week 2011 [Design Boom via moggit]