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Pink Floyd Lead Guitarist Forced to Remove Ugly Bike Shed

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Something's stirring in the English beach town of Brighton, and it doesn't have a happy tune. Pink Floyd guitarist and lead vocalist David Gilmour has come under attack not because he's a naysayer on the whole band-reunion thing, but rather because he's got a really garish, colorful bike shed next to his much more elegant mansion. After one person complained, the town council sprung into action, making clear that Gilmour had until Oct. 1 to demolish the "hut" or else he would be sued. Those cats over at The Stir take pity: "When it comes to rock stars and lawsuits related to their mansions, I expect excitement, scandal, maybe even some gross stories involving groupies and ceiling fans," they write. "I don’t expect a neighborhood council wagging its finger over an ugly shed."

Photo via AOL UK

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