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Berkeley's Opulent Spring Mansion Can't Decide on a Price Tag

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Location: Berkeley, Calif.
Price: $5,295,000
The Skinny: Followers of our colleagues over at Curbed SF might recognize this imposing mansion from a price chop back in August. The $1.5M adjustment brought the price down to $4.95M. Apparently, the sellers are having difficulty settling on a price for the 12,000-square-foot, eight-bedroom mansion, because it's just been bumped up to $5.3M. That makes the three-acre estate the most expensive in left-leaning Berkeley. The history behind this place might make it worth the high price tag though. It was built for real estate developer John Hopkins Spring, with designs by area architect John Hudson Thomas, and was modeled after Empress Elisabeth of Austria’s Achillion Palace on the Greek island of Corfu. The listing doesn't reveal much about the massive manse, but some archival photos by the Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association reveal a house in need of some refurbishment.

Photos: Daniella Thompson/Berkeley Heritage

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