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Five Mansions with Courts Prepped for Squash Season

A popular sport among preppy types, probably thanks to its popularity in the United Kingdom, squash is often played behind the closed doors of exclusive clubs and prep schools. For those who'd like to skip the admissions process and the club fees, there's always another option: buying a house that comes equipped with a court. That's not to say that options is terribly cheap, or attractive. This brand new Greenwich, Conn. megamansion has the necessary court—though it's currently set up as a basketball court—but the stone facade and lack of mature landscaping has us wishing for something a bit more old school. Plus, it'll take $11.5M worth of new money to secure this supersized suburban spread.

? Built on a riverfront lot in Rumson, N.J. in 1993, this Colonial-style manse lies less than an hour from Manhattan's squash-happy clubs, but the owner won't have to go nearly that far to get in a game. The heated court is attached to the compound's guest house, and features a mezzanine viewing area equipped with workout machines. The seven-bedroom, 9,500-square-foot spread on 2 acres is listed for $5.75M.

? This Ottawa, Ohio Georgian reproduction, like many on our list, isn't some pre-war mansion; it was built in 1983. Then again, those old-timey places probably wouldn't have space for the court or the rec room with views of the game. Plus, this one is much more affordable at $820K.

? Squash might not be so popular on the West Coast—fewer Anglophiles may be to blame—but this Bellevue, Wash. place gets around the stigma with a Wallyball court, meant for a new variation on volleyball. Given how "unique" that feature is, the brokerbabble is spinning it as a possible squash or racquetball court. This one also comes in the six-figures, at $899K.

? Stratton, Vt. is a common winter escape for skiers, but after a long day on the slopes, a sweaty game of squash is far from the minds of most. Not the owner of this mountain getaway, a $2.25M house that features an old-school hardball court. The getaway is walking distance from the slopes, if your legs haven't given out after day one.

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