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Bank of America Forecloses on Home That Doesn't Exist, Fails

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Thanks are due to our friends at Houston real estate blog Swamplot for bringing this flapdoodle to our attention: a guy in Seabrook, Texas, not only lost his house in 2008's Hurricane Ike but he was also foreclosed on by Bank of America. Despite the fact that the property had washed away, Brad Gana continued to make regular mortgage payments, completely unaware that the bank had issued a forced homeowner's policy on his home—which, again, just for clarity's sake here because there seems to be some confusion, didn't exist. Gana was never notified of the increased monthly payments, despite the fact that he had given BofA his email address and phone number. Then again, his mailbox had washed away, too, so snail-mail notices never got to him—he learned of the foreclosure two days before the property was set to sell, and had a lawyer stop the proceedings. While a bank rep tries to sidestep what had happened—"There were a number of factors that contributed to the issues that resulted in the actions that we took on [the] mortgage and property"—Gana lays it out clearly: "Bank of America is ruthless in their incompetency," he told the local paper.

· Bank Forecloses on Home Destroyed by Ike [Click2Houston via Swamplot]