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Watch a Trailer for Eames: the Architect and the Painter

Premiering in select American markets on Nov. 18: Eames: the Architect and the Painter, Bill Jersey and Jason Cohn's documentary film that explores the work and Venice Beach, Calif., studio of design juggernaut Charles and Ray Eames. The film is narrated by actor James Franco—but of course!—and includes interviews with some of the guys that came of age working for the Eameses. Needless to say, praise for the couple is bountiful and includes the following hefty, dizzying, and generally mindblowing lines, in no particular order:

· "They give shape to America's 20th century."
· "If they had just designed furniture, they'd be in the pantheon. It's the multifaceted nature of the career that is extraordinary."
· "For them, the names like 'painter' and 'architect'—they weren't job descriptions. They were ways of looking at the world."
· "We weren't sure quite what he was: Was he an architect? Was he a designer? Was he a filmmaker? But what he was obviously was something we all wanted to be."
· "She made paintings out of what she was surrounded by. Everything she touched she turned into something magical."
· "They were introducing people to lok at the world differently: life was fun was work was fun was life."
· "It was career that defined what it means to be a designer. Perhaps the greatest Eames design of all was the image of Charles and Ray."

The Trailer:

· EAMES: The Architect and The Painter - Trailer [YouTube via Core77]