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Buy an 18th-Century Cottage Plus a Little Private Island

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As far as private islands go, they tend to fall in the Paul Allen billionaire category and/or the magnificent $19M category. Not this one, folks! Neither magnificent nor appropriate for billionaires, this is like a private island for the plebes, more rowboat than yacht, and charming only in its own, special New England-rustic kind of way. Built in the 1780s, the two-bedroom shingle-style cottage features a wood-burning stove, wideboard floors, and French doors and perches atop six acres of clam and oyster beds in the Mill Pond, just off Compo Beach in tony Westport, Conn. $1.5M buys you this slice of Fairfield County paradise—oh, and adventurous restaurateurs take note: an additional 60 acres of those mollusks can be negotiated separately.

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