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Architectural Rental Round-Up: Midcentury Modern Edition

From the outside, the house doesn't look much like something we'd typically call "midcentury modern," but the stone structure, located in Newton, Mass., was built in 1948 by the esteemed Bauhaus architect and theorist Walter Gropius. It doesn't get much better than that! But wait, what's this?! At some point over the past 63 years a horrendous glass pavilion was tacked onto the back of the house as a "recreation area," containing both an indoor swimming pool and a billiards table. This would have Gropius rolling over in his grave, and it'll have whomever rents the place—for $18,000 per month, no less—wishing that they'd purchased instead. If only to have the right to tear down that abomination of an addition.

? Southern California is rife with brilliantly restored midcentury homes, but sadly, it seems the bulk of them are owned and occupied by the same people that renovated. This 1961 construction in La Jolla, Calif. might be lacking in curb appeal, but one can't fault it on authenticity. It looks like it hasn't been touched or modified in 50 years, for better or worse. In 2011, it's listed for $2,990 per month.

? Inland from La Jolla, Palm Springs, Calif. has long been known as an excellent hunting ground for midcentury gems. This 3,000-square-foot, four-bed rental might do well to trade on that reputation more than its own architecture. Luckily, the $5,600-a-month property has the necessary swimming pool and is located in the ritzy Old Las Palmas neighborhood.

? All told, this Seattle, Wash. property ends up looking like a normal ranch house with owners who have decided to decorate the place like it was a van der Rohe. Some of the rooms, like the wood-paneled library, are convincing, but the exterior leaves a lot to be desired, especially given the rent, $3,500 per month.

? This $12,000 per month midcentury in Miami Beach, Fla. doesn't need much work—well, it could use some new photos—but condition isn't everything. Granted, the furnishings probably don't come along with a lease, but they don't quite jive with the sleek bones of the house. Still, it's the best yet, especially with the huge glass doors that open onto the lush patio and swimming pool.

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