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Live-Blogging Curbed's Craigslist Power Hour, City by City

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Welcome to Renter Week 2011's Craigslist Power Hour! For the next full hour, Curbed National—along with every Curbed city blog—will become Craigslist central, and that means all the desperate, tenant-seeking starchitecture, nutjob roommates, things related to sleeping on a couch, people with too many pets, and cheap-rent-at-the-expense-of-dignity you can handle. Below, we're liveblogging the action, culling content from the city sites as well as from our own stalker tendencies. Stay with us from 2 to 3 p.m. EST.

Off to a solid start. Seems like there's a ton of people who want to live somewhere without paying rent in Atlanta. This guy makes a pretty sweet offer:


Oh, lord. There's something about granny panties happening in Chicago. Just gotta model them for some sweet, sweet free rent.

Our crazy cousins over in San Francisco have rounded up the good/bad/ugly pet-friendly Craigslist rentals. Which just made us think about cute sleeping puppies:

Someone's giving away a sorta-free week of a timeshare in DC! Holla!


Some smartypants brainiac MENSA member is charging $545 a month to sleep on his couch in a town where you can buy a whole house for $500. Brilliant!

Perhaps that guy knows this fellow Detroitan, who's a "radio DJ by trade, and all I ask of you is that you don't have rolling baggage (stalkers, baby mother and/or father drama, etc), don't be a flunkie, or a moocher." $375 a month, people.


Rent some STARCHITECTURE! No, not the Walt Disney Concert Hall, but a certain NYC residential building designed by a One Mister Frank Gehry. Cost: a zillion dollars per square foot per month.

Someone's looking for a roommate who doesn't drink, smoke, or do drugs. In the Hamptons. Good luck, pal.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, they're a bit more open-minded: "whether you're a vegan or carnivorous, straight edge or a drunk, hella heter-nonormative or the kinkiest of gender-f**king sex workers, whatever, we don't care. All we ask is: don't be a self-righteous jerk."


ZOMG there's an East Hollywood rental for $495 a month. Possibly the cheapest in town.

Down South in Dallas, there's a naked dude who's "just looking for someone to talk to now and then" is looking for a female roommate. Rent's free, y'all. #winning

Three-minute intermission: stretch your legs and ogle pimp cups for sale in Seattle.


Detroit people: want to live in a house with three single women, all with kids and dogs? "If a little laughter or crying or running through the house is going to annoy you, then don't bother responding." Booyah!

New Yorkers: ProCro. BoCoCa. 'Nuff said.

"These sweet furnished rooms won't last!" So, uh, rent them now? ?


There are exactly 168 Los Angeles Craigslist ads that mention the Hollywood Sign.

There are lots of nudists in DC. And they're all looking for roommates! Yay!


Daises and pastel colors and Murphy beds, oh my! Such adventures in apartment staging can be yours for the distinctly Manhattan asking price of $2,250 a month.

Gauging. Eyes. Out: "125 a month everthing included!!!!!!!! looking for females or males no older then 27 thats looking for a room. its 125 a month its important to be attracted not big and a freak Lol o yea why u think the rent so cheap lol."

Oh, sweet. Some guy in Boston wants $1,180 a month for a roommate in a clothing-optional house. Don't worry, though, he's "more of a
laid back nudist" and is "respectful [enough] to throw on gym shorts or be dressed for house guests or cooler weather."

Jesus, Detroit, why are you so messed up today? Your citizenry apparently looks like this:

A butler needs housing! He is a "* Nooks and Crannies Perfectionist !!!!!!!"


Sure, a massive 10-bedroom Hamptons spread isn't a party pad and is instead more suitable to "courteous people." Whatever you say.

Cockblocked by Craigslist, oh snap! The Detroit peeps find listings that allow for no overnight guests. Fun times.
Would you live with someone whose avatar eats children?

There's a guy in Jersey who's looking to move in with his 14 cats. OK.

We're done! In the spirit of positivity, we'll leave you with one pretty nice NYC listing and a really rad-looking word cloud.

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