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Polls Open: Vote For the Worst Renter Horror Story NOW!

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At the tail beginning of the Renters Week 2011 hullabaloo, we implored Curbed readers to send their goriest Renter Horror Stories with brighter, rent-free days ahead promised to the person with the best tale to tell. We published the two finalists yesterday—Mandy in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and Chelsea, in Syracuse, N.Y.—and now it's up to you to decide which of these lasses is in the running for one gloriously rent-free month—the winner will face the winner of all the city-site polls (concurrently running) right here on Curbed National tomorrow. Editor's Note: This poll will be open for 24 hours and voting irregularities will be strictly policed.

Here again, the semifinalists:

Renter Horror Story 1: Cockroach, Mice, and Wolf Spiders [link]
SNIPPET: "Yes, those were WASPS living in the wall right outside said balcony door. And giant wolf spiders stringing their webs over our BBQ and balcony furniure, rendering the lake view unenjoyable. Then those spiders found their way indoors. How? We never did find out. Plus [...] I found cockroaches under our kitchen sink. The last straw was the mice. I stored our cat's food under the kitchen sink. One evening I reached for a bag, tipped it over the pet food dish and out tumbled two mice."

Renter Horror Story 2: Bedbugs Ignored For Three Months [link]
SNIPPET: "It turns out, EVERY BUILDING in the complex is infested. [...] The landlord refused to pay for the extermination, and told us if we refused to pay the $1,400, we would be evicted. Livid, my boyfriend and I called the health department (who said they could not help us) and the town code enforcer, who, as it turns out, was friends with the landlord. The property manager’s husband, who is head of maintenance, got into a verbal altercation with my boyfriend, calling him a liar because the exterminator only found one bug in our place. We had bed bugs for three months. "

Poll results

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