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Pratt Design Student Builds Super-Duper Brooklyn Treehouse

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Fresh from the folks who brought us the woman who turned couch-surfing into an art and the guy who turned his UWS apartment into a nudist retreat is this, a young Brooklyn woman who created a 17-foot-high treehouse in the backyard of her apartment. A interior design graduate of Pratt with nary a job prospect, Alexandra Meyn transformed a budget of $400 into a 40-square-foot waterproof, airtight "recreation space," as city building laws would define it. It's not technically built in the old Mulberry tree but rather constructed on a platform next to it; the blocky, wood-and-tin structure is described by one of Meyn's friends as embodying "Southern funkiness." "It’s one thing to say I have a treehouse; it’s another to say I have a space that’s protected from the elements,” says Meyn, who is apparently still looking for jobs. Something tells us this chick's about to get her interviewing on! In the mean time, click over to the Times Home & Garden section for more photos.

· A Treehouse Grows in Brooklyn [NYT]