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A Pricey One-Bedroom Pad in West Hollywood's Sierra Towers

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Location: Los Angeles, Calif.
Price: $8,500 per month
The Skinny: The Sierra Towers complex, built in 1965 as the decidedly unsexy Spoon Apartment Building, is now the only tall tower in the Hollywood area, leaving this building with spectacular views of the city and surrounding hills. This one bedroom features floor-to-ceiling glass, a chef's kitchen, and covered terrace. The renters here can count Rachel Zoe, Elton John, Joan Collins, Vincent Gallo, and Cher among their neighbors. Those views and celebrity aura come at a price, a high one, $8,500 per month. Luckily the amenities list is plenty long, with "a concierge, valet parking, pool area, weight and cardio room, spa, and party room."
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