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Watch a Famed Eames Chair Get Made Out of Fiberglass

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Widely considered to be among the most important chairs of all time, Ray and Charles Eames' collection of fiberglass chairs first entered production in 1950 and have since become something of a global design obsession ever since. Fun fact: for a while Herman Miller produced them as the heavens originally intended until it replaced the fiberglass with polypropylene—hence, the "molded plastic" collection that's sold today. Not for long, because Los Angeles-based furniture firm Modernica has bought 100,000 pounds of production equipment and it's got grand plans to revive the fiberglass chairs. In an interview with Apartment Therapy, Modernica co-owner Frank Novak said that each chair takes less than 10 minutes to produce; the first run, he added, will consist of side chairs and armchairs. Watch a two-minute video of process after the jump.
The Video:

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