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No More White Boxes! Unique Rentals from Around the World

Most people make their housing choices based on practical concerns—expense, schools, and the like—so on vacation it might be nice to go with something a little off-the-wall to break from the norm. Agree? Well do we have some delightfully oddball rentals for you, starting with this treehouse nestled in the olive groves of Arlena Di Castro, Italy. Trading in the traditional rope ladder for a gracefully-curved stairway, this treehouse delivers its childish fantasy with a dose of grown-up luxury. There's space on the balcony to take breakfast, full electricity, and a cozy double bedroom for $458 per night.

? For landlubbers, this houseboat, the M.S. Luctor, in Amsterdam offers the feel of a seafaring adventure but without the seasickness. Moored to the cobblestone streets of the Dutch capital, this barge has compact rooms that rent for a little less than $200 per night, but according to a couple of recent visitor from Germany you'll get a lot for that sum. They wrote, "Heaven, your name is Luctor." Gotta love the hyperbole.

? Back in the States, this concrete structure in Vermont is one of the oddest rentals on the market. Designed by architect and sculptor David Sellers, this award-winning, bunker-like building has a disjointed floor plan but one super cool feature that's worth the $500 nightly rate alone: a heated swimming pool just one misstep from the living room. Oh and we have no explanation for the posed model shots from the rental listing.

? We already visited Greenland this week for its sheer remoteness, but this time we're returning for something just downright weird. Adjacent to a hotel in Ilulissat, this cluster of aluminum yurt-like structures is set to accept the most adventurous of tourists. As if going to Greenland wasn't enough! A night in one of these metal igloos will run $337, but they're only available from May to October.
? So we said no more white boxes, but we said nothing about white hemispheres. In Chile, one of these domed tents rents for a reasonable $130 per night, and for those prices the services sound awesome. According to the listing, "services are focused on sky wealth," whatever that is, and include "specialized astronomic tours and nighttime horse rides." Count us in!

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