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Website of the Day: The Karen & Ellen Letters

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OK, so we're not really sure where to begin. Basically, there's this brand-new blog that chronicles the adventures of two roommates (Karen and Ellen) who move from Seattle to Oakland, Calif., and proceed to torture their landlord (Mark) with a totally insane, bonkers, crazypants quantity (and quality) of letters. Called The Karen & Ellen Letters, the blog is posted anonymously not by one of the roommates themselves but by an anonymous person who claims to have received all these letters in the late-'80s for his/her 24th birthday. Whatever. Details, schmeetails. The meat of the letters is what's funny. There's one particularly inspiring example of the correspondence above; click over to Curbed Seattle for more.

· The Karen and Ellen Letters: Renters, Landlords, and Drama [Curbed Seattle]
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