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For Sale: the N'awlins House Made of 1,200 Glass Ashtrays

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Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has listed his four-bedroom, five-bathroom house for $729K. Designed by Albert Ledner in the '60s with obvious influences of the architect's contemporary, Frank Lloyd Wright, the 3,650-square-foot house is clad with 1,200 amber-colored glass ashtrays along the roofline, giving this property its nickname: the Ashtray House. An unusual aesthetic touch, indeed, and one that belies the dated-looking interiors: wall-to-wall carpeting, a dark, dank kitchen, mirrored bedroom walls, and strange built-ins. Still, with all those windows overlooking the verdant landscaping, enormous great room, and stunning staircase, it's probably possibly to rehab this place without the architect's original intent, uh, going up in smoke.

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