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Design Editor Wendy Goodman Finally Shows Off Her Home

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While her colleagues at national shelter magazines have allowed photographers into their homes in droves, New York magazine design editor Wendy Goodman has been relatively quiet about her own digs. Until now! To lure fans to NYMag's new Design Hunting Facebook page, Goodman (who has covered design at the magazine since 1997, oversees the biannual design issues, and writes and edits the weekly Design Hunting newsletters) has posted photos of her home in NYC's West Village—the pics are only available to those who "Like" the page. The shot above, for example, "shows my prized wood fan sculpture by artist Christopher Hewat," Goodman writes. "It was the first piece of art I bought after saving up for ages. I thought it was from an old Japanese house (don't know why?) but it was one of the first of Hewat's fan series and my favorite of them all." Sure, we'll jump on the social-media bandwagon, why not? Head over to Design Hunting on Facebook and @DesignHunting on Twitter.

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