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The NYC Penthouse So Expensive Photos are Unnecessary

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Location: New York City, N.Y.
Price: $88,000,000
The Skinny: Last week a major listing went to market in NYC. As first reported in the Wall Street Journal, Sanford Weill, the former Citibank chief, and his wife, Joan, have opted to sell their immodestly awesome apartment at the primo, Robert A.M. Stern-designed 15 Central Park West in a grand show of "downsizing." The price? A jaw-dropping—no, jaw-unhinging—$88M, nearly twice that the Weills paid for the place in 2007 ($43.7M). Perhaps it's the high price that can explain what looks like a lazy listing on the part of the broker. There's just one photo, the—admittedly awe-inspiring—floor plan, and no description beyond "The Penthouse at 15 Central Park West." Then again, we get the feeling that those shopping for $88M homes probably aren't spending their Sunday afternoons pouring over plebeian online listings. For those of us who do, Arch Digest has more photos of the Mica Ertegün-designed interiors, which were published in the April 2010 issue. Even without the pictures, the price and stats—10 rooms, four bedrooms, 6.5 baths—don't require much imagination. Oh, and about that oval-shaped master bedroom: it was specially redesigned by Stern to provide views of sunrises over Central Park.

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