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Take a Video Tour of Michael Jackson's Glitzy Final House

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Mere days after news breaks that the estate where Michael Jackson lived his last days (and all its glitzy contents) are for sale, The Today Show is there like clockwork, making statements such as: "The grounds are gorgeous, eclipsed only by the beauty inside, "the decor is majestic," and "As you look around, Michael's fingerprints are everywhere." In a tour with Darren Julien of Julien's Auctions—where the contents of the home, many of them antiques, will be auctioned next month—correspondent Jeff Rossen visits Jackson's private quarters, replete with a California queen-size bed and an armoire that still bears a message hand written by Jackson himself as motivation before going on tour: "Train Perfection, March April, Full Out, May." (The piece could fetch as much as $50K at auction.) Take a full video tour of the 17,000-square-foot French Chateau-style manse after the jump.

The Video:

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