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Eastern European Countries Offer Up Some Cheap Castles

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Americans that go looking for a castle stateside often run into kitschy constructions, cheap copies of their European originals. Then again, securing an authentic version in the tourist meccas of Western Europe is a pricey proposition. Luckily, the relative wilds of Eastern Europe enjoy all of the history and much of the charm of their more trafficked neighbors, with much lower prices. This Czech hunting lodge outside of Prague, a gorgeous city that is hardly a backwater, was first fortified in the 11th century, with the present structure completed around 1730. Despite all that history, a 3,230-square-foot stone mansion, and the close proximity to Prague, this place is listed for $1.2M.

? For something a little more cushy, but still close to Prague, how about this Baroque estate tucked behind gates in the middle of Bohemia? Currently, the castle is divided up into apartments, but it's offered vacant, so the next buyer could restore it to single-family glory. The first historical information acknowledging the existence of this house dates from 1460, so there's no shortage of history. The architecturally impressive villa isn't inexpensive by any stretch, but still qualifies as a value at $4.5M.

? We have to admit we weren't aware that Hungary had a renowned wine region, but, according to the brokerbabble on this $1.33M listing, this castle is not far from it. Currently operated as a hotel that attracts equestrian types and hunters, the seven-bedroom villa looks remarkably well-maintained, especially considering it was built back in 1855.

? For the truly massive castles at bargain basement prices, look no further than the Ukraine, where this unbelievably huge stone pile that dates from 1630. The palace, built by Poles, measures 153,000 square feet, that's 3.5 acres of interiors. Granted, the property is in need of a major—and majorly expensive—overhaul, but the $1.25M price tag is almost too low to be believed.

? Also located in the Ukraine, this medieval castle enjoys formal gardens and stately architecture, but is still just asking $1.8M. The listing doesn't provide many hard facts or photos, but it sure looks enormous. Trouble is, something tells us that the dirt driveway in the courtyard doesn't bode well for the condition of the interiors.

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