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Are Foreclosed Houses Keeping Dreams of Marijuana Alive?

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A story in today's Los Angeles Times details a situation currently happening in Las Vegas: a number of the city's foreclosed homes have been turned into pot farms. In one four-bedroom house, police found thigh-high plants: "[h]alf a dozen jars of buds hid in a closet. The master bedroom was something of a jungle, with two...children, ages 8 and 9, asleep on the bed." Another seizure involved 878 plants worth $2.6M. With Nevada foreclosure rates three times the national average, it's no wonder a sergeant with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department "has seen nearly identical setups at multiple homes, suggesting some groups take a chain-restaurant approach to farming pot. Another grower constructed a fake front room with timer-controlled lights so the house appeared occupied." Get these clever and resourceful marijuana growers together with the California college kids who now live in McMansions and this is sure—and we mean absolutely, undeniably sure—to become a recipe for long, happy, pot-farming days ahead.

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