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Couple Finagles Engagement Pics at the Real-Life Up House

Let's review: first the colorful, charming house from the flick Up was a fictional dwelling, then a National Geographic-sponsored project, then the subject of one guy's odd attempt to celebrate, then a real-life property for sale in Herriman, Utah, and now, at long last, a photography set. A couple named Geoff and Lisa, ever the Pixar fanatics, longed to commemorate their second anniversary by dressing up as a young Carl and Ellie, the movie's main characters, and having their photos taken on the property. "So when we heard about the house, we knew it was a long shot but called up the folks at Bangerter Homes, the creators and builders of the Up house and asked if we could do a photo shoot there in honor of our second wedding anniversary," Lisa writes on her blog, The Goodness. The photos are by Blue Lily Photography; view full set.

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