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Behold This Genius and Truly Spectacular Lego Dollhouse

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Photos: Heather LEGOGirl/Flickr

All hail Seattle-based Flickr user Heather LEGOGirl, who has taken a dual fascination with Legos and dollhouses to unprecedented heights. The photos above represent her "Lee Jones Memorial Dollhouse," the second and largest dollhouse she's completed, and the details are insane: refrigerator drawer pulls, bedspreads, roll-top desks, a dryer (complete with a vent hose!), a four-poster bed, and lots more. (Is "Blocky Americana Classic" a style of interior design? It should be.) From the looks of things, the photos were uploaded between May and September 2010. Take a look above and then head over to Flickr for the full set.

· The Lee Jones Memorial Dollhouse [Flickr via MinilandBricks]