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Lo' and Behold Canada's Controversial Upside-Down Church

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'Tis a marker of a very good week when The Huffington Post drops it's list of the "Top 10 Pieces of Folly Architecture in the World." On it is the sculpture above, an upside-down New England-style church that was designed by the late American artist Dennis Oppenheim and first showcased for the Vancouver Biennale art fair in 1997. Called "Device to Root Out Evil," the aluminum structure was later moved to Calgary, where it will stand until 2013. The piece has been met with strongly mixed reviews since its construction—it's been called everything from an eyesore to a blasphemy—and it's no surprise: "Turning something upside-down elicits a reversal of content and pointing a steeple into the ground directs it to hell as opposed to heaven," Oppenheim once said. Amen, brother!

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