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Watch a Robbery as the Homeowner Did: Via Web Surveillance

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In home-tech news, a video has just popped up and it reveals a play-by-play account of a home invasion, as seen by the homeowner through her Webcam, as well as a transcript of her call to 911. And it. Is. Wild. This is how it starts: "Hi, my name is Jeanne Thomas and I'm watching my home [through an] online moniter and there's a black man in my house and he's robbing it." Then: "There goes my cat, she's running. I've got three dogs in there and the cat's, like, freaking out." Turns out two burglars, whose faces are obscured by the abysmal video quality, entered the house through the doggie door and quite obviously failed in their mission, roaming around the rooms without taking anything of value. ("He's picked up something in his hand—oh, he picked up a Wii videogame.") Eventually the police are called and the robbers get scared: "He's running to the front, the other one is trying to figure out which way to go, the cat's freaked out, the dogs are hiding." See what happens below.

The Video:

· Lady Thwarts Home Invasion Through Her TV: Robbery Fail [YouTube via Boing Boing]