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Buy Hitler's (Supposed) Final House, a Patagonian Retreat

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Today in rumormongering and/or conspiracy theorizing, Gizmodo notices that residencia Inalco, a lovely-looking secluded retreat in Argentine Patagonia, is for sale. According to the new book Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler, the dictator faked his suicide in 1945 and instead fled to residencia Inalco, where he lived until 1962 with wife Eva Braun and their two daughters. The complex, on Nahuel Huapi Lake, is entirely obscured on one side by trees and has a long, complex ownership history: it was designed in the '40s by Alejandro Bustillo, an architect who built other houses for Nazis seeking refuge in South America, then sold to Enrique García Merou, a lawyer with connections to the Nazi party, then to Jorge Antonio, a German who rep'ed Mercedes Benz in Argentina, and finally to José Rafael Trozzo in 1970, who also bought properties from an SS official. It's Trozzo who's now selling the estate (which has "bedrooms connected by bathrooms and walk-in closets and a tea house located by a small farm") for an undisclosed price. Then again, this isn't exactly the sort of place that's going to "officially" hit any sort of "market."

· Hitler's Secret Argentine Sanctuary is For Sale, Say Conspiracy Theorists [Gizmodo]