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Personal Jungles: The Lushest Lots On the Market in America

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Having the best lawn and garden in the neighborhood seems to be something fit for neighborhood competition—Don't believe us? Just look at springtime ads on HGTV—but these five houses take weekend-warrior green-thumbs to task with gardens and grounds overflowing with greenery. This Spanish-influenced estate in West Hollywood, Calif. lies just a few blocks from busy Sunset Boulevard, but, thanks to the walled garden, feels a world away from the city. The garden has had plenty of time to grow and mature, as the $2.3M five-bedroom mansion was completed back in 1927, but the old pile of tiles has never seen a price tag like this before: it last sold back in 2002 for a million less.

? This six-bedroom, 3.45-acre estate in Malibu, Calif. is not at all shy about its landscaping. The brick-paved front entrance is overflowing with trees and bushes, while the rest of the property is dotted with pepper trees, oak trees, avocado trees, and a fruit orchard. Brush is even beginning to grow over the ten-foot fences surrounding the sports court. So how much to take over all that trimming and pruning? A heady $11.75M.

? Northern California has a taste for dense flora too, as this Carnelian Bay, Calif. estate can attest. Instead of the palms of SoCal, this lakefront estate is set among towering conifers. There's just 1.3 acres of land to contend with, but with coveted Lake Tahoe frontage and a dock, it's no wonder the 5,100-square-foot manse—modeled after Yosemite's legendary Ahwahnee Hotel—is asking $10.5M.

? We couldn't talk about lush luxe grounds without paying a visit to Miami, Fla. where this $9.9M estate boasts both a bushel of trees and a grotto-like pool to accentuate that jungle feel. The house itself is no slacker either, with nine bedrooms spread over 9,200 square feet and a 2,500 bottle wine cellar. No relief on the price though, it's set at a stout $9.9M.

? If you're so rich you find $10M properties a little run-of-the-mill, this $34.5M waterfront estate in Miami—previously owned by pop diva Jennifer Lopez—should get the blood pumping again. The highlight of this sprawling estate, at least from a landscaping perspective, are the "gracefully curved coconut palms" that surround the pool.

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