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Check Out This Totally Awesome-Looking Car-Shaped House

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Photos via Freshome

We may be late to the party on this one, but the fact that a German architect modeled an entire house after the original Volkswagon Beetle is not something that really ever gets stale. Markus Voglreiter kicked off the project in 2003 with a budget of about $1M, facing the challenges of conforming to local building codes in Salzburg, Austria; instituting energy-efficient heating and cooling; and, of course, the big one: "[t]ransforming a '70s style house structure and design into that of a car." The residence, made of pine wood and cement, totals 900 square feet over three stories; the style blog If It's Hip, It's Here notes that the project also inspired Voglreiter to build a restaurant in the same style of "carchitecture."

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