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Shut Out of the "Coffee Shop"? Why Not Rent in Amsterdam

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In a bid to kick its reputation as the premier destination for drug tourists, Amsterdam, and the rest of Holland for that matter, will be curbing the marijuana "coffee shop" free-for-all that has defined the city in the minds of hippies and college bros. By the end of the year, a new law will limit sanctioned marijuana purveyors to 1,500 registered customers each. That means that tourists will lose out to locals when it comes to drug access. So, Mary Jane adherents, why not rent a flat in Amsterdam? The historic city has plenty of classic apartments that look good sober. This two-bedroom apartment, on the historic Keizersgracht canal, has plenty of windows to make up for the low ceilings on the main level and towering vaulted ceilings upstairs to make up for smaller windows. Finding such a turn-key property is important, as Amsterdam's strict historic preservation laws prevent some rudimentary upgrades, and this place impresses for the price: $3,180 per month.

? Amsterdam's Oud West neighborhood is technically outside of the historic Centrum district, but it has its fair share of historic homes, often with more modern updates. This light, bright, well-detailed three bedroom, listed for $3,380 per month, has uncommonly high ceilings, a balcony, and a super-spacious master bedroom, but the kitchen is lacking. Still, move out the IKEA furnishings and this is one damn good apartment for the money.

? Back in the city center, this apartment is located on the second floor of a stately 1750 townhouse, has two bedrooms and a roof terrace, and still runs just $3,315 per month. Not bad considering the huge windows and front row views of the canal. Plus, the building is located not far from the famous Montelbaan Tower, a feature in many a Rembrandt.

? The floor plan is a little disjointed, and some of the fixtures are ho-hum, but this three bedroom in the Jordaan neighborhood has a combination of towering windows and leafy vistas that'd be hard to beat. This quiet district was home to Rembrandt in the last years of his life and the Anne Frank House museum is nearby. History aside, this apartment is more tuned up for modern entertaining, especially that massive wooden deck. The price for that sort of outdoor space is modest too, $4,330 per month.

? For the ultimate in space, head 20km outside of Amsterdam to the regional capital of Haarlem. There renters can score a whole house for $4,600 per month. This is not just any house though, it's a renovated waterfront mansion that dates from the 18th century. The four-bedroom spread has a yacht mooring out front and, thankfully, comes without the furnishings pictured. They're a little too frumpy to make the most of such a grand mini-palace.

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