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Woman Turns the High Line Into a Thanksgiving Centerpiece

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Move over Sandra Lee: there's a new tablescape sheriff in town, and her name is Yuka Yoneda. The Inhabitat writer is so utterly enthralled with the High Line—the elevated railroad-turned-public park running down the west side of Manhattan—that she's worked her Thanksgiving tabletop decor around it. "It's made of recycled sushi takeout boxes and chopsticks and has "people" made out of enoki mushrooms, as well as benches made from candied carrots and rosemary "grass," she writes in an email tip. (By the way, those enoki people are landscape architect James Corner and architect Ricardio Scofidio, two guys who served on the High Line design team.) Don't fret, urbanism wonks: Yoneda has provided full-on instructions for recreating the grassy wonderland at home. Click over for more photos.

· DIY: Incredible Edible High Line Park Replica Made of Thanksgiving Food and Recycled Sushi Boxes [Inhabitat]