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Interior Designer Covers His Walls in 2,398 Pieces of Paper

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Having grown up in a household with a mother more prone to "bright-orange living spaces" than drab, colorless interiors, NYC-based interior designer Doug Meyer (along with his brother and business partner, Gene) transformed his one-bedroom Manhattan rental by applying 2,398 sheets of 8.5x11.5-inch paper, each printed with a color or a design, to every inch of every wall. “The idea was a riff on early wallpapers from the 1400s, which were actually small squares of paper printed with wood blocks,” Gene tells New York magazine. Now, the space is filled with 21 colors, a figure whittled down from nearly three times as many. “It hurts when I see the modern world dressed in black," Gene says. "The right colors can transform anything into something arresting that transcends style.” Above: the living room (complete with Knoll and Murado furnishings as well as side tables of the Meyers' design); over yonder to New York for more.

· The 2,398-Sheet Apartments of Color Paper Walls [NYMag]