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Occupy Wall Street Officially Turns Into Occupy Foreclosure

As predicted, Occupy Wall Street has officially morphed into Occupy Forecosure, with Patient Zero being an empty property in Portland, Ore. According to a report in The Oregonian, after being kicked out of their original spot downtown, 15 protesters, pursuing a place to relocate (and not Jacuzzis or grand foyers) recently moved into a foreclosed home, only to be discovered by the police. They were all given the chance to pack their things and leave; the two people who refused were arrested on charges on trespassing. On the table was the following manifesto: "We have occupied a bank owned house in the northeast suitable to house 30 to 40 people (and encourage others to do the same)." Something that Wall Street Pit writer (and open proponent of Occupy Foreclosure) Matthias Shapiro will surely stand behind.

Photo by Ray Whitehouse/The Oregonian

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