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Lady Gaga's Former NYC Apartment Now Available to Rent

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The nondescript Manhattan one-bedroom where Stefani Germanotta lived before she became the mega-famous Lady Gaga is now renting for $1,850 a month. The news broke last week on Jezebel, who laments the fact that the pop star "didn't leave any freaky art on the walls." Anyway, it was here where a young, unknown, post-NYU Gaga lived as she cut her teeth in Lower East Side clubs, paying $1,100 a month in rent to live amoung the French doors, spacious floor plan, and marble baths touted in the listing, not to mention a bedroom way more subdued than one would expect. Her hard-knocks renting days aren't gone yet, though: now she pays $25,000 a month to live in a manse in Bel Air.

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