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Inside Hilary Swank's Super-Swank Manhattan Apartment

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Photos by Simon Upton/Elle Decor

The December issue of Elle Decor features the cool, calm, and collected NYC apartment of Hilary Swank, a 1,400-square-foot space designed by noted restaurant-interiors guy Mark Zeff. The article mentions a "new building on the site of a former printing plant" that's "situated close to the Hudson River," mysterious clues that 99.997898734 percent hint at Robert A.M. Stern's Superior Ink condo building in the West Village, where the actress is known to own property. (Swank paid $3.5M for the two-bedroom unit two years ago.) Anyway, about those interiors: they're filled with pieces from the Calvin Klein Home collection—"a strong modern sensibility without any tricks," says Zeff—a wall made of "softly weathered barn wood reclaimed from a Pennsylvania farm," objets from around the globe (including pieces from Africa as a reminder of Swank's one-month community-service stint there), and art from the '60s and '70s. About the space, the notorious skydiving enthusiast says, "My home is my safe haven, where I can rejuvenate and rest so I can get up the gumption to go jump out of an airplane again."

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