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Yes, This is What New French McDonald's Will Look Like

McDonald's is no stranger to revamping its image through modern interiors—is there any better perch for scarfing down an Egg McMuffin than a Jacobsen Egg chair?—which is why it's no shocker that restaurants across France will soon get snazzily overhauled interiors by Patrick Norquet. The furniture designer integrated pieces of his own making, including the Still chair, into a scheme that revolves around Mondrian-esque geometry and splashes of primary colors, concrete walls, and plywood ceilings. Architizer, which calls the result "mature" (one that "seeks to rehabilitate the image of the McDonald’s restaurant–what has become primarily associated with teens"), has more photos of the first completed store, located in Villefranche-de-Lauragais in Southwestern France.

· A New McDonald's Experience, For the Entire Family [Architizer]