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Five Absurdly Expensive Dining Rooms Perfect For Turkey Day

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Perhaps your Thanksgiving table won't have a miniature High Line centerpiece painstakingly crafted out of sushi, but that's not to say the holiday still can't be enjoyed. How better to celebrate the most gluttonous holiday of them all than by highlighting a glut of gluttonously expensive listings with show-stopping dining rooms? (For the NYC-based home cook: Curbed NY has a roundup of kitchens, too.)

Kicking things off is this 21,000-square-foot limestone Manhattan mansion, which was built in 1922 by architect C.P.H. Gilbert and housed the Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse two years ago. In the Bunny Williams-designed front parlor, a dining room pulls double duty as a hangout/rec room. Just think of all the stress eating—and, of course, deep breathing—that will be necessary after one drops $50M on the place.

? Los Angeles offers a similarly sized home, albeit one on a lot more land, in the form of this 20,000-square-foot "European villa" that's asking $27.5M. Built in 1961, the estate boasts six bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, a theater, two offices, a staff apartment, and, of course, this formal dining room.

? The noted South Florida architect Marion Wyeth built this Italian-style estate in Palm Beach at the start of his career, in 1926, on nearly 270 feet of oceanfront. The dining room is but one of many lavish, traditional details in the 23,100-square-foot manse, which is on the market for $34M.

? Built in 1910 and restored in 2002, one of San Francisco's priciest listings weighs in at $29.5M and offers seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and 16,400 square feet. The mansion is located in the prime neighborhood of Pacific Heights and has views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, and the city.

? Endless panes of mirrors aren't what one normally expects to see in the extravagant, gated mansions of Greenwich, Conn., but that's what this 10,100-square-foot modern property has. Listed for $19M, the estate boasts 13 bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and "heart-stopping views of water, Long Island and various small islands from every room."

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